Car Rental Kolkata

Looking for a reasonable deal on a car rental? Look no further. Rent a car with Let's Meet Up Tours & Travels to experience a personalized Urban experience. We provide economic and luxury cars for your trip with a variety of car sizes and convenient pick-up and drop-off locations at the airport and in the City.

We assure a comfortable car rental experience by providing superior and personalized services that cater to our customer's individual needs. We have cars like Swift Dzire, Innova, Xylo, Tavera, Honda City, Chevrolet, Audi, Mercedes, Toyota, Honda and many more. The company also provides exclusive railway transfers and airport transfers for pickup and drop facilities.

Car hire in Kolkata

Our rates are as per the service we provide.

The Company also provides escotted trains station transfers and Airport transfers for pick up and / drops. Render and more better service than its expected.

Our Varieties of Cars
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Forget Cabs and Their Tantrums; Opt For Our Car Rental Kolkata

How often do we get a faster service, experienced drivers, good value for money and an overall safe ride? How often have you been forced to detour because your driver refused to drop you at your desired location? Chances are high that you have been robbed mercilessly because it's night and there are no substitutes for the yellow cab. It is time to wave them goodbye because we are about to present you a whole range of affordable car packages that saves your time, money and guarantees safety. Welcome to our car rental Kolkata services.

Array of customers we cater to -

Are you desperately in need of Car hire in Kolkata for you or your family? Or you do not own a vehicle and wish to travel beyond the city. Customer satisfaction leads to a stronger bond that allows us to offer you the best fleet of vehicles in your budget. Choose your own location, pick up/drop points, choose the vehicle of your choice and you are good to go!Depending on your requirement and purpose, we will make sure that your rented vehicle reaches you in no time. Who all can apply for a car rental Kolkata?

  • City dwellers who do not wish to waste time waiting for cabs. Assume that you are en route to your office or a business meeting and you do not hope to appear at odd hours. Local transportation is hard to be relied on, mostly because it is not cost effective and is immensely claustrophobic for you to ruin your travelling experience. Owing to the flexibility of our rental bookings, customers can choose their vehicle of choice and book their vehicle in advance at a highly competitive price; we will take care of the rest.
  • Students/business executives/tourist from another city who wish to reach their destination in time. For someone not familiar with the existing transportation options in and around Kolkata, renting a vehicle from car rental Kolkata for desired hours is the most rational decision. Choose your destination, route map and precise timestamp for pickup and our Car hire in Kolkata executives will reach you.
  • Foreign tourists visiting the city. Is this your time in Kolkata and you are clueless on how to travel to your reserved accommodation from the airport? We provide airport pickup and drop facilities on a prepay rental basis. Do not worry about your luggage; they are safe when you are travelling with us. Explore the major tourist attractions while travelling around with the vehicle of your choice.

Why choose our car rental Kolkata?

Unlike most other metropolitan Indian cities, Kolkata is very well connected by road, rail and air. The city has more than 100 kilometres of open roads that either connect to a local destination or are highways meant to travel around the city. Imagine that it's your first time in Kolkata and you are determined to gather tons of experience. Right before you start, you hover around the available options and find that journeys on road might get hectic if you are an inexperienced city Traveller. Do not let your ignorance fuel someone else's interests because you are more likely to be duped by cab drivers who charge anything between 200-500 INR for a 10-15 kilometre ride. Situations worsen in times of festivities and it becomes extremely difficult to reach your destination. Forget it all and make a call to our representatives for a Car hire in Kolkata. Whether it's an ordinary touring sedan or a luxury vehicle that you want in your budget, we just have the right vehicle for you.

  • Get a car anytime anywhere within the city or beyond.
  • Pay as per the chart depending on your requirement. A standard vehicle rent normally includes the price for 10 hours. There are other options as well for shorter time duration or distances. Night charges extra.
  • No hidden costs. Our prepay booking procedures are fully transparent and there is complete information symmetry.
  • Our car rental Kolkata booking scheme makes it easier for customers to opt for a vehicle of their choice. You can also call us or reach our representatives directly.
  • Our services have been awarded the certificate of excellence. We hate to brag about our contribution to the themed tours and vehicle rents. We maintain constant quality control through a constant study of the market conditions.
  • Waste no more than 60 seconds to book a car and you are free to cancel your reservations to add to your convenience. For our international tourists, we offer a plethora of payment options for their Car hire in Kolkata.

Need a vehicle for a special event?

Tired of comparing availability and pricing for the vehicle of your choice? Whether it's a luxury sedan, SUV or a minivan that you are looking for, we have some great deals for your Car hire in Kolkata that do not burn a hole in your pocket. We provide multiple vehicles for bigger events like marriage parties or family tour beyond the city boundaries. So if you do not own a car, car rental services will assist you for a trip to the Sundarbans or for taking your kids to the nearest theme parks. Be it a family reunion or business trips, our fleet of vehicles refuse to disappoint you.

Looking for planned tours in and around the city?

It is not just cars that we deal with. If it’s your first time in Kolkata, you may be amazed to learn about its history, culture and its contribution to the national heritage. Whether it's a short trip to the Victoria Memorial or the planetarium right beside it, there are tons of exotic locations that call for your presence. Car rental Kolkata comes up with unique tour itinerary with friendly tour guides who are experts in their field. If you are a food freak, submerge yourself into the gastronomic pleasures of street food and some specialities that Kolkata has in store. Do not worry about car rental; just contact our representatives, rent a car of your choice and give yourself a treat to remember!

Tours Outside The City
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